discounted basq shoes

Each of our sneakers contains:

  • 6

    recycled plastic bottles

  • 1700liter

    liters of clean water saved

  • recycled tire


    Our respect for the planet includes animals. All our products are made without components of animal origin. We do not use fur, there is no cruelty to animals. We also do not use chromium IV or toxic chemicals.


    Our sneakers are not just a shoe, they are handmade in Elche by master shoemakers, each detail is a work of craftsmanship. Manufactured in Spain by a small shoe manufacturer, committed to the environment since it uses solar energy for its manufacture. In this way, we guarantee fair working conditions for workers, something that is difficult to find in the globalized world of footwear.
    The highest quality and fair working conditions!!


    Recycling and reusing waste, transforming it into top-quality materials and giving it a second life is the best way to limit the environmental impact on the planet. That is why our materials are 100% recycled.
    Making our materials recyclable guarantees them a new life when the basq cycle comes to an end, which makes them even more sustainable.
    We believe in and promote the circular economy that limits energy consumption, reduces waste production and reduces the use of natural resources.