– We join the global movement of people who use fashion as a tool to take care of the planet, without giving up design.

– At basq we are looking for a new type of business where the benefits we provide are balanced with those we receive.

– Every design we make, every decision we make, we seek to make it the best for the planet.

– We allocate a part of the proceeds from each sale to clean up the oceans.

– Basq is aimed at all those who believe in a change in the consumption model, who believe in those of us who develop sustainable products and are committed to the environment.

– We want to be part of the change we seek in the world

Be part of the change


Basq was born as the result of an illusion, the objective was to unite the passion for surfing, fashion and respect for the environment.

It started with the idea of creating the most sustainable shoes that are committed to the planet and the oceans.

After more than two years of work and research, we managed to transform some of the waste that pollutes the oceans the most, such as plastics and tires, into our 100% recycled sneakers.

The brand and the product have expanded beyond this original idea based on sneakers and we have incorporated different garments while staying true to our spirit of sustainable design and 100% recycling.

Our name “basq” refers to the place where the idea was born, from the imposing cliffs that form the landscape of our land, lashed by the Cantabrian Sea, we have been permanent spectators of the bravery of the sea, the force of its waves, the beauty of the natural It is the sea that bathes our coast that served as inspiration to create basq.

But not only the sea, the waves and the cliffs are part of our landscape. Our logo is a clear example of this. The image of the surfer walking while carrying his board has become as common as the waves themselves. Wherever there are waves we will be.

The surfer also represents athletes, men and women, seafarers who are committed and concerned about the environment that gives them so much and about the planet in general. That is why the image of basq could not be another.