100% recycled materials

We are the first and only company that develops all its garments using recycled plastic bottles and we work exclusively with 100% recycled materials.

basq was born as a sustainable option for all those who, like us, are concerned about the current situation of the oceans in particular and the planet in general.

Why 100% recycled?

The answer is very simple. The most sustainable and environmentally friendly option are recycled materials, as confirmed by various studies carried out that place the recycled materials used by “basq” as the most sustainable for the planet.

By recycling, 85% less energy is consumed and 75% less greenhouse gases are emitted.

That’s why our products are 100% recycled.

91% of plastic is not and will not be recycled AND it ends up in landfills and in the oceans.

That’s why we recycle old plastic bottles.

90% of textile waste ends up in landfills and only between 5% and 8% is recycled.

That’s why we recycle organic cotton waste.

Growing the cotton needed to make a T-shirt consumes 2,700 liters of clean water, a sweatshirt about 7,200 liters.

To obtain recycled fabrics, 0 liters of water are consumed.

By recycling we give waste a second life, becoming part of the circular economy that is the most respectful of the planet.

Recycling is an example of social responsibility and care for the environment