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The new Multi Pantin shoes represent an innovation in the world of footwear, not only for their modern and attractive design, but also for their commitment to the environment. These shoes are made with recycled materials, which makes them more sustainable and environmentally friendly. These shoes are inspired by Pantín beach, which is located in the town of Valdoviño, in the province of La Coruña, in the community autonomous region of Galicia, in the northwest of Spain. This beach is located on the Atlantic coast and is approximately 1.5 kilometers long. In short, Pantín beach is located in an impressive natural environment, with hills, cliffs, forests and a mighty Atlantic Ocean. It is an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of the Galician coast and practice water sports such as SURFing. Basq Pantin models are made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled tires. The most sustainable sneakers for the planet made with 2 of the materials that most pollute our oceans. Vegan sneakers made with 100% recycled materials. Made with solar energy and O liters of water in its manufacture.
basq Multi

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