Collection: Nazaré: Inspired by the elements

Introducing the Basq Nazaré, a sneaker designed to take you anywhere your adventures lead. With its comfortable, durable design and stylish looks, the Nazaré is perfect for everyday wear or exploring the great outdoors.

Available in four colors:

  • Forest: Inspired by the lush greenery of the forest, the Forest Nazaré is a refreshing take on a classic green sneaker.

  • Ocean: Evoking the tranquility of the ocean, the Ocean Nazaré is a must-have for any water lover.

  • Black: A timeless classic, the Black Nazaré is a versatile sneaker that will never go out of style.

  • Volcano: Bold and fiery, the Volcano Nazaré is a statement sneaker that's sure to turn heads.


  • Sustainable materials: Made with recycled and vegan materials, the Nazaré is a sneaker you can feel good about wearing.
  • Comfortable fit: The Nazaré features a cushioned footbed and breathable upper for all-day comfort.
  • Durable construction: Built to last, the Nazaré can withstand the rigors of everyday wear.
  • Stylish design: With its sleek lines and modern aesthetic, the Nazaré is sure to complement any outfit.

Whether you're hitting the city streets or the hiking trails, the Basq Nazaré is the perfect sneaker for your journey.

Nazaré: Inspired by the elements

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