Innovation applied to recycling

Another clear example of basq’s commitment to innovation applied to recycling and the circular economy is the commitment that we have made from the beginning to incorporate recycled tires into the soles of our sneakers. Through an innovative tire deconstruction process, we separate the tread from it, which is where the most important technical properties are found, and we use it as the base for the sole of our shoes, providing them with extreme grip and durability.

Tires are not biodegradable so if they are not recycled they will never disappear.

In Spain alone, around 300,000 tons of used tires are generated each year, but only a small part is recycled. Almost half of this waste is not controlled and the other half ends up in landfills, rivers, sea and natural environments.

Storing them is not a solution since it ends up being synonymous with pollution due to its chemical degeneration.

Often, to end this waste, it is decided to burn it, transferring the contamination to the atmosphere in the form of large amounts of toxic substances. Tires release substances such as mercury, lead and carbon monoxide, all of which are directly linked to loss of health.

Over the past century, the practice of using tires to create artificial reefs at the bottom of the sea has spread, which has led to the destruction of huge tracts of seabed and massive pollution of the oceans.