Innovation applied to recycling

The impact of cotton on the planet.

 The cultivation of cotton, organic cotton included, requires the consumption of huge quantities of clean water. The watering of cotton fields has caused important droughts in different areas of the Earth. The Aral sea, which used to be one of the biggest lakes in the world, dried up in 40 years due to the intensive cultivation of cotton.

“The recycled cotton from Basq does not consume any water”


25% of all toxic chemical products used on the planet are used by the textile industry.

“The recycled cotton from Basq does not use any chemical products”

18% of all pesticides used in the world are used for the cultivation of cotton.
Pesticides, fertilizers and chemical products contaminate crop fields and aquifers which becomes a terrible problem for human health.

“The organic cotton from Basq does not use any pesticides”

In the colouring process an enormous amount of toxic chemical products is used. These products contaminate our waters massively.

“Basq does not use any dye to obtain the variety of colours
of our products”

The textile industry is the second most contaminating industry on the planet and generates 10% of the greenhouse gases in the world.

“Basq hardly generates any greenhouse effect gases”