Buying in basq is very simple, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • View the section you are in.
  • Choose the recycled product that interests you.
  • Select the size you want and add the item to the basket.
  • Go to your cart to finish the process or continue to search for more products you like (repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 and add to cart)
  • If you are not registered, fill in your billing information and if they are the same as the shipping information, indicate it in the box. If you are, enter your username with your password.
  • You can receive your order at home or in a CORREOS CityPaq.
    Select the payment method: your order will jump to the collection gateways of the system that you decide.
  • Finish the process on the Paypal or Redsys card confirmation page.
  • !! Congratulations!! You have reached the confirmation screen. You will receive an email with your order and another with the CORREOS tracking number as soon as your package leaves our warehouse (do not worry, it may take a few hours until the delivery trucks leave and if it is the weekend, you will not receive it until Monday )

Enjoy your basq and thank you for “being part of the change”.